Defending the Free Press

2017-07-14T14:28:19+02:00Wed, 7th Jun '17, 21:37|

On 29th May I reacted to an editorial from l-orizzont that in the heat of an electoral campaign screamed for the heads of journalists who dared question the unstoppable greatness of Joseph Muscat and his Labour movement. That was not one of the usual rants about how Daphne Caruana Galizia makes the Nationalists look bad [...]

GUEST POST: The lost social media battle

2017-07-14T13:29:43+02:00Wed, 7th Jun '17, 18:43|

The author is a University student with an obvious savviness for politics and contemporary communication. He sent me his observations in response to my earlier observations on the PN's loss at the polls.What we are forgetting today is how fast the world and society had progressed and shifted towards an age of social media, likes, looks [...]

The Prime Minister we never had

2017-07-14T14:27:27+02:00Wed, 7th Jun '17, 07:27|

Eulogies are for dead people so this is not one. The party activists whose emotions had been pent up since 11am on Sunday had finally found the release and there wasn’t a dry eye in sight. On Sunday afternoon at the counting hall there were many critical words whispered privately in the inner rooms where [...]

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