Poorly written laws

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Read this guest post by expert lawyer Justin Borg Barthet on the Marriage Equality Bill.While a silly debate between ayatollahs rages on, on whether the law should speak of mothers or birth-givers to avoid offence, the real issue most have not noticed is the pathetic poverty of the making of this law and many others. Otto [...]

GUEST POST: On the New Marriage Equality Law

2017-07-09T21:49:59+02:00Tue, 27th Jun '17, 21:34|

This Guest Post is by Justin Borg Barthet, a lecturer in law at the University of Aberdeen. Dr Borg-Barthet has published work on cross-border recognition of same-sex relationships, and has been commissioned by the European Parliament to advise on the reform of divorce jurisdiction.Through the Marriage Equality Bill, Malta joins a small group of European nations [...]

Financial Services: Corking a punctured barrel

2017-07-09T21:50:00+02:00Tue, 27th Jun '17, 13:49|

Think of a barrel of whiskey with a corked hole at its bottom. It is water-tight and holds the whiskey inside, for years if it needs to. As long as the cork holds. That is its weakest point that may hold for decades or give at any moment and let all the whiskey gush out [...]

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