GUEST POST: What’s next?

2017-06-11T17:21:00+02:00Sun, 11th Jun '17, 17:21|

By Aeacus:Muscat’s single most important objective now must be to retain power by averting and / or neutralising the effect of the corruption allegations levelled at him (Schembri and Mizzi) during his first term. He needs to deal with, at least, four fronts:§  The courts of law:  Here he will probably rely on the natural [...]

Popular justice

2017-07-14T14:34:10+02:00Sun, 11th Jun '17, 17:18|

Here's the Prime Minister speaking to, the online version of the GWU's l-orizzont: “Il-kritika se tibqa’ pero bid-differenza li Konrad Mizzi ġie ġġudikat mill-poplu.” I’m not quoting out of context, selectively choosing a sound bite that distorts the intention of the speaker. This is the highlighted quote chosen by the very friendly interviewer to [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Labour’s streets war

2017-07-14T14:33:13+02:00Sun, 11th Jun '17, 08:49|

My article in The Sunday Times this morning: The election result can be dissected in matters of ideology, presentation, language and methods. The ideological question is whether, given the territory occupied by Labour in the civil liberties space and the economic management space, the PN was reduced to an identity orphan unsure of what it wants [...]

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