STAR COMMENT: What the PN can and cannot choose

2017-08-31T07:48:53+02:00Thu, 31st Aug '17, 07:48|

Sent in this morning in reaction to last night's post on Adrian Delia's decision not to withdraw his candidature for leadership of the PN: "There are things that are given to you and they may be taken away; there are other things that cannot be taken from you but only you may throw away. In [...]

A trainwreck in slow motion

2017-08-31T03:39:57+02:00Thu, 31st Aug '17, 03:39|

As I see it the allegations of impropriety or dubious ethical standards against Adrian Delia are secondary. Their provenance irrelevant. A short list of facts has been established by media outside the control of the PN from documents and records that if not discovered and revealed now before his election to the leadership would have [...]

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