UPDATED: Creating a vacancy

2017-08-22T14:00:43+02:00Tue, 22nd Aug '17, 13:41|

Read this by Mark Fenech asking on Facebook what would happen in the rather likely event one of 3 PN leadership candidates who are not yet MPs is elected to the post: “Let us assume that the PN leadership contest will be won by one of the three non-MP candidates. Naturally, the winner will then [...]

Trading Places

2017-08-22T09:09:44+02:00Tue, 22nd Aug '17, 08:56|

Kurt Sansone spotted a glossy brochure produced by the government giving EU medicines agency employees, details about living in Malta, including, as you would expect, rent prices. His report in The Times digs up some background work on property rentals and quotes Central Bank and National Statistics Office findings that rent prices have been shooting [...]

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