Token salaries

2017-08-09T12:44:39+02:00Wed, 9th Aug '17, 12:44|

The Times picked up a government legal notice that announces the President of Malta has been paid 478 euro in arrears after she got a pay rise below inflation rates for this year over the previous one. That’s her yearly weekend break in Sicily paid for then. Now our President earns the unpresidential sum of [...]

Unhorsed knights

2017-08-09T10:03:13+02:00Wed, 9th Aug '17, 09:47|

I don’t know what it is about Facebook that gets the worst out of people. I suppose it’s the almost total absence of inhibition. Also the false security that its infrastructure gives that hints at privacy where there is none. Watching people at each other’s throats over the choice of the next party leader is [...]

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