Hurry up and wait

2019-08-26T09:33:35+02:00Mon, 26th Aug '19, 09:33|

The Criminal Court, after no less than four weeks, is still to decide on the appeal filed by Ministers Konrad Mizzi, Chris Cardona and Edward Scicluna from the decree by the Duty Magistrate on Repubblika’s request for a Magisterial Inquiry on the hospitals privatisation. The law expects such decisions to be decided “with urgency”. To [...]


2019-08-26T17:42:22+02:00Mon, 26th Aug '19, 09:15|

Whatever ‘reach out’ or ‘healing’ the PN leadership intended to start the night Adrian Delia was confirmed by the General Council as party leader does not appear to have started working. There is no significant change in the leadership’s attitude. There does not seem to be any new industrious energy coming down from the top. [...]

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