“It’s all legal”

2019-08-07T15:32:04+02:00Wed, 7th Aug '19, 15:32|

Ever so often it’s time to bring this picture up again. This time it’s about pezzonovante Engelbert Grech who used to be Film Commissioner — that’s the government agency that promotes the film industry — and now in the private business of providing production services for international film producers. In this photo of our very [...]


2019-08-07T15:02:58+02:00Wed, 7th Aug '19, 15:02|

Some really weird things are happening around the case of Darren Debono. The authorities of Italy and the United States are after him. But he seems to be chasing the Maltese authorities rather than the other way round. In Italy, he’s being tried for fuel smuggling after the Dirty Oil investigation by the Italian authorities [...]

Betting against the Nietzschean Uebermensch

2019-08-07T15:04:23+02:00Wed, 7th Aug '19, 14:08|

Archbishop Charles Scicluna may find he has little effective means of exerting discipline on David Muscat, the cleric who insists he has no regrets about speaking in praise of Adolf Hitler admirer Norman Lowell in a gathering of white supremacists celebrating Lowell’s birthday. The bishop may have the technical authority to order his priest to [...]

Judge Grixti blocks start of VGH inquiry even though not all suspects appealed

2019-08-07T10:52:45+02:00Wed, 7th Aug '19, 10:52|

Judge Giovanni Grixti agreed with Ministers Edward Scicluna, Konrad Mizzi and Chris Cardona that an inquiry into the privatisation of three states hospitals ordered by Magistrate Claire Zammit Stafrace should not start while some of the suspects — the Ministers — have appealed the order. This in spite of the fact that a fourth suspect, [...]

Fifty days

2019-08-07T10:26:52+02:00Wed, 7th Aug '19, 10:26|

Ignoring a resolution approved by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe is not without consequences. We often have misguided expectations of international law which inevitably means we’re quick to be disappointed by it. Those misguided expectations are in reality only more amplified versions of the inherent disappointment in ordinary, everyday law. We complain [...]

GUEST POST: Comparing PL and PN accounts (1)

2019-08-07T10:57:57+02:00Wed, 7th Aug '19, 09:35|

Godfrey Leone Ganado looks at the financial statements filed by the Labour and Nationalist parties under electoral law ... and pokes his fingers in the many holes. The comparative analysis is based on the accounts submitted to the Electoral Commission in accordance with the Financing of the Political Parties Act, and the guidelines issued by [...]

Repubblika on ‘consultation’ on Constitutional Reform

2019-08-07T08:21:09+02:00Wed, 7th Aug '19, 08:21|

Repubblika statement: Repubblika expresses its appreciation for the remarks made by President George Vella a few days ago that the process of Constitutional Reform must not be limited to the interests of the two Parliamentary political parties but must include broad participation including that of civil society. We are however concerned that the first steps [...]

Ali Sadr trial assigned to new judge

2019-08-07T08:17:26+02:00Wed, 7th Aug '19, 08:17|

A new judge has been assigned the case of Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad that is due to start this October in New York on federal charges of bank fraud and busting sanctions against Iran. The previously assigned judge, Andrew Carter, had to recuse himself from hearing the case after it emerged that he owned stock [...]

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