Italian anti-mafia journalist wins New York award. Dedicates it to Daphne Caruana Galizia.

2019-08-22T15:33:54+02:00Thu, 22nd Aug '19, 15:33|

Paolo Borrometi is the winner of the 2019 Peter Mackler Award for Courageous and Ethical Journalism. The Peter Mackler Award honours reporters and editors who have demonstrated a commitment to fairness in the story well told and a matching commitment to defending the right to publish and air that story. This is what Peter Mackler [...]

If it’s green, kill it

2019-08-22T10:32:29+02:00Thu, 22nd Aug '19, 10:32|

The organisation that manages the Saluting Battery under the Upper Barraka Gardens in Valletta has finally had its way and will be removing the grassy lawn that has been a feature of the view from the garden terrace for over a decade. The lawn is believed to be the cause of water seepage down the [...]

Fresh evidence of links between Joseph Mifsud and Russia

2019-08-22T08:56:15+02:00Thu, 22nd Aug '19, 08:56|

Alexey Klishin (standing) with Vincenzo Scotti, Joseph Mifsud and Stephan Roh to his left. A team of investigative journalists have found links between the lawyer and friend of ‘Mystery Professor’ Joseph Mifsud and a senior Russian lawyer who advised the Kremlin. Forensic News has also reported that Stephan Roh, who is based in [...]

Malta gaming company with mafia ties charged with avoiding €124 million in Italian taxes

2019-08-22T08:20:24+02:00Thu, 22nd Aug '19, 08:20|

Italy’s financial police have accused Maltese gaming company SKS365 Malta Limited of dodging €124 million in taxes owed to Italy for its business in 2016 and 2017, the Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project reported this week. In that period SKS365 is believed to have failed to declare €4 billion in taxable income. SKS365 operates [...]

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