“Not so clear cut”

2020-12-04T15:02:37+01:00Fri, 4th Dec '20, 15:02|

From the get-go Joseph Muscat expressed displeasure at the questions asked during the year the Daphne Caruana Galizia murder inquiry has been in business, often trying to blame the family’s lawyers but having no qualms about roping in the judges as well. In some cases, he was particularly concerned about the quality of the witnesses [...]

GUEST POST: Pia, celebrated

2020-12-04T14:58:03+01:00Fri, 4th Dec '20, 14:40|

The reaction of many good people to the judgement that held that It-Torċa had not libelled Pia Zammit was to be expected. Likewise, I stand with Pia, it need hardly be said. I was going to add ‘and some not so good ones’ or use ‘assorted luvvies’ instead of ‘many good people’, but hey, I [...]

At least Donald Trump had the relative decency of writing his own social media rants

2020-12-04T15:46:54+01:00Fri, 4th Dec '20, 14:26|

While Joseph Muscat the physical person was testifying in the public inquiry this morning, Joseph Muscat the online persona was publishing Facebook posts furiously discrediting he same inquiry he was testifying to. Lovin Malta compared the “unhinged” posts to Donald Trump’s surreal tweetoramas. Matthew Caruana Galizia, rightly, thought Joseph Muscat “must have hired someone” to [...]

The domino effect

2020-12-04T13:39:43+01:00Fri, 4th Dec '20, 13:39|

Joseph Muscat is facing the inquiry he himself set up to look into the state’s role in the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia. But the man still walks around fully expecting to be the centre of gravity. He sought from the outset to turn the tables on the inquiry, putting the trial on trial as [...]

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