For academics at the University of Malta

2020-12-09T13:44:18+01:00Wed, 9th Dec '20, 13:44|

I find myself once again retching, reading Simon Mercieca’s blog and peering inside the sick mind of Yorgen Fenech on whose behalf he writes. Like the Christ-killing libel against the Jews, Simon Mercieca digs up the old chestnut that Matthew killed his mother. He quotes an interview Matthew Caruana Galizia gave to my colleague Carlo [...]

GUEST POST: The Soothsayer

2020-12-09T11:09:35+01:00Wed, 9th Dec '20, 11:09|

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” - Abraham Lincoln Robert Abela thinks that he can foresee the future, and he keeps firing from the hip. He was proved wrong many a time. Take covid-19. He had predicted that all would be fine by Christmas. He was wrong and he has [...]

Time travelling baron

2020-12-09T09:49:36+01:00Wed, 9th Dec '20, 09:49|

I’ve brushed shoulders with Anton Rea Cutajar once before. It was last Easter when Repubblika dared complain that acts by the government that Repubblika argued were illegal had, amongst their consequences, the death of 12 people at sea. That’s when I had coined the moniker Tiger King, or, more properly, Tiger Kink. I had borrowed [...]

Of course, it’s purely coincidental

2020-12-09T08:54:39+01:00Wed, 9th Dec '20, 08:54|

Jacob Borg of Times of Malta followed up with the local police who confirmed they’re looking into press reports that a Calabrian accountant, Roberto Recordare, used two Malta companies as part of a plan to launder billions of euro for mafia associates. Roberto Recordare denies any wrongdoing, though he has not reacted to press reports [...]

What we really want is Joseph Muscat

2020-12-10T12:01:58+01:00Wed, 9th Dec '20, 08:21|

Pieter Omtzigt’s mandate launched and renewed after the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia, now expires. The government of Malta has managed to sit tight and wait out his assiduous insistence that Malta needs serious reforms if it is to climb out of the pit of horrors where the killing of a journalist uncovering the government’s [...]

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