THE SUNDAY TIMES: Detained migrants have reported being tortured in Malta

2021-01-31T07:35:16+01:00Sun, 31st Jan '21, 07:35|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: The European Asylum Support Office headquartered in Valletta has received several reports from migrants detained at the Lyster and Safi barracks of physical torture, beatings, solitary confinement, denial or delay of medical care and, in some cases, electrocution. The EASO says it has “discussed” these reports with [...]

GUEST POST: Justice, Quid Iuris?

2021-01-30T09:55:05+01:00Sat, 30th Jan '21, 09:55|

On the setting of the sun on the first year of His Master’s reign, Edward Zammit Lewis thought it would be timely to take stock of what has been achieved. He took up a whole page of the Times of Malta to do this little thing. He wasn’t talking about the attack, repulsed with contempt, [...]

Another Maltese citizen facing accusations of embezzlement of billions

2021-01-30T09:13:59+01:00Sat, 30th Jan '21, 09:13|

The ‘talent’ attracted by Joseph Muscat’s passport-selling scheme is making world news again as Saudi state-owned companies are suing a former Saudi spy-master for embezzling billions of dollars. Saad al Jabri, Maltese citizen and for some time closest adviser to the former heir apparent to the Saudi throne, has been chased out of the Saudi [...]

RIGHT OF REPLY: The Gozo Curia writes in

2021-01-30T09:10:59+01:00Sat, 30th Jan '21, 09:10|

The following statement was sent in by the Gozo Curia in response to this post that reported that Bishop Mario Grech was informed in 2009 that Joseph Sultana was accused of abusing altar boys in Australia. Joseph Sultana was charged last week of sexually abusing a child in Gozo when he returned from Australia. As is [...]

When the state is absent

2021-01-30T16:24:47+01:00Fri, 29th Jan '21, 14:45|

The Daphne Caruana Galizia inquiry has almost completed the phase of hearing witnesses in open court. There’s one or perhaps a few more witnesses to hear and that’s it. There’s some of the evidence which is being heard in the criminal proceedings that is expected to go the inquiry’s way. And some other related evidence [...]

Repubblika files submissions to Daphne inquiry board

2021-01-29T13:48:39+01:00Fri, 29th Jan '21, 13:48|

The judges presiding the Daphne Caruana Galizia inquiry this morning accepted a request by Repubblika to make submissions addressing the inquiry's terms of reference. The judges said this would be normal if this had been a public inquiry in England and they would be adopting the same approach. The inquiry board invited anyone interested to [...]

Me, you and K

2021-01-29T16:19:02+01:00Fri, 29th Jan '21, 13:38|

Whatever evidence there may or may not be linking Joseph Muscat and Keith Schembri with the plot to kill Daphne Caruana Galizia, its execution, and the attempt to ensure that those responsible for it are allowed to avoid justice, the evidence of the links between Joseph Muscat and Keith Schembri and Yorgen Fenech keeps showing [...]

Yorgen’s fidget spinner

2021-01-29T13:06:53+01:00Fri, 29th Jan '21, 13:06|

Some time ago Simon Mercieca said he was shocked at me for saying that I would ignore recommendations by the magistrate hearing the evidence against Yorgen Fenech that asked that only news organisations (and not individuals) report on the proceedings in court and then only to report the facts, not to discuss them. Simon Mercieca [...]

GUEST POST: Running in May

2021-01-28T10:15:59+01:00Thu, 28th Jan '21, 10:15|

I cannot tell you how it was, But this I know: it came to pass Upon a bright and sunny day When May was young; ah, pleasant May! As yet the poppies were not born Between the blades of tender corn; The last egg had not hatched as yet, Nor any bird foregone its mate. [...]

Australian bishop was informed Joseph Sultana molested altar boys 5 years before he did it again in Gozo – activists

2021-01-27T16:16:17+01:00Wed, 27th Jan '21, 16:16|

An Australian activist website that documents the covering up of child abuse cases by the Australian catholic church quotes the former Bishop of Cairns James Foley say in 2010 that he was informed Joseph Sultana abused altar boys in 1998. Joseph Sultana was charged today in the Gozo court as the magistrate heard another of [...]


2021-01-27T13:28:34+01:00Wed, 27th Jan '21, 13:28|

Two priests were arraigned in Gozo’s court today charged with sexually abusing a minor in their care. The arraignment was anticipated with a curtain-raiser as the newspapers were told about this a day ahead. Reading the reports of the evidence given by the victim is heartbreaking. These predators took away his childhood, his health and [...]

PODCAST: Democratic tyranny

2021-01-27T10:17:03+01:00Wed, 27th Jan '21, 10:17|

Manuel Delia · Democratic Tyranny I’m not going to dive into the merits of the draft law being debated in Parliament to give political parties extra parliamentary seats to ensure there are more women in Parliament. It’s not that I don’t have an opinion. I have an opinion on most things, to begin with. And [...]

When in doubt, blame the black man

2021-01-25T11:52:35+01:00Mon, 25th Jan '21, 11:52|

Is Robert Abela himself prejudiced, sociologically uneducated and inclined to simplistic, racist explanations of things, or does he speak the way he does because he assumes his audience is prejudiced, sociologically uneducated and inclined to simplistic, racist explanations? He spoke yesterday about a statistical decline in the crime rate dodging the rather straightforward explanation that [...]

Malta company targeted by US government for dodging anti-Venezuela sanctions

2021-01-25T10:30:31+01:00Mon, 25th Jan '21, 10:30|

Maltese company Elemento, registered in Malta since 2015, is in the list of target people and companies issued by the US treasury for evading US sanctions against Venezuela. The US Treasury says that Elemento purchased oil from Venezuelan state-owned petroleum company PdVSA and then resold it to other customers on behalf of Elemento’s sole owner [...]

GUEST POST: The epitome of arrogance

2021-01-25T09:35:46+01:00Mon, 25th Jan '21, 09:35|

An arrogant person is someone who has an exaggerated assessment of their self-worth or self-importance and who lets others know that they feel superior over them. Arrogant individuals believe that they have nothing to learn from others, so they act like they know-it-all. Arrogant people also love to talk about themselves and brag about their achievements, [...]

GUEST POST: The Hill We Climb

2021-01-24T09:49:08+01:00Sun, 24th Jan '21, 09:49|

What a hill this is. Four years of witnessing the madness of Donald Trump behaving like a tyrannical emperor who mistook the presidential oath for an evil wand he could wield at his command. We watched insane attempts to build a wall; we watched children separated from their parents; the materialisation of the belief that [...]

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