Rosianne Resign Rosianne Resign Rosianne Resign and so on

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So Rosianne Cutajar conducted private business while serving as a quasi-minister, breaching her conduct rules. That's a dismissible offence. She took payments in tens of thousands of euro in cash. That's a dismissible offence. She used her official car and driver for private business. That's a dismissible offence. She did not disclose her income in [...]

New art book in tribute to Daphne

2020-12-20T08:10:12+01:00Sun, 20th Dec '20, 08:10|

In bookshops tomorrow Justice for Daphne is Justice for Your Right to Know, a book curated by Repubblika president-elect and #occupyjustice activist Alessandra Dee Crespo. The book pays tribute to Daphne Caruana Galizia and records in paintings, poems, photographs and cartoons the rise of Malta's civil society demanding justice, that remains elusive. Buy it from the [...]

The Sunday Times: Whipped by Auntie Justyne

2020-12-20T08:12:34+01:00Sun, 20th Dec '20, 08:02|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "The government never minded having senior government officials indulge in a bit of critic-bashing that would be popular with the rank and file. "Consider Tony Zarb, paid advisor on Konrad Mizzi’s staff, calling Occupy Justice activists whores more fitting in Strait Street than Castille Place. Consider Jason [...]

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