Breakfast, Owen?

2021-12-19T07:51:31+01:00Sun, 19th Dec '21, 07:51|

In an interview with Times of Malta, Owen Bonnici today says he “genuinely” feels sorry he “might have hurt” some people when he ordered the Daphne protest memorial cleared some 500 times, but “in (his) defence”, he says he was doing it to “keep the calm in our country”. He said he was ordering the [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Everything stays the same

2021-12-19T07:28:09+01:00Sun, 19th Dec '21, 07:26|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "A 2019 EU directive introduced higher standards for European whistleblower protection laws. Since then, the government has ignored repeated and public calls for consultation on the changes. They also ignored the ombudsman who publicly complained he was never consulted when the law assigned to his office responsibilities that [...]

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