Satabank SLAPP suit quashed by Bulgarian appeals court

2021-12-09T14:55:20+01:00Thu, 9th Dec '21, 14:47|

The Regional Court of Varna has overturned the decision of a lower court and dismissed a defamation suit filed against this website by Christo Georgiev, owner of the now defunct Satabank in Malta. The case against me was filed in February 2020 over an October 2018 article I wrote when Satabank's clients found their bank [...]

Piping gas

2021-12-09T10:09:45+01:00Thu, 9th Dec '21, 10:09|

Just because it’s funded by the EU, it does not mean we should not reflect about the expense for an undersea gas pipeline to feed the power station owned and operated by Electrogas. After all the EU money we choose to spend on it is taken away from other potential alternatives which may, after more [...]

Does Johann Buttigieg pay on a first date?

2021-12-09T10:03:45+01:00Thu, 9th Dec '21, 10:03|

Times of Malta appears to have just saved taxpayers a considerable amount of money that the Tourism Authority was about to spend on luxury hotel rooms for its staff to have their wee breaks while manning the Christmas village. I won’t bore you with predictable comments about why the MTA didn’t need this. This takes [...]

GUEST POST: The Inner Sun

2021-12-09T12:32:45+01:00Thu, 9th Dec '21, 10:00|

Sitting in the typically mild Northern sunshine in Brussels, surrounded by typically grey urban buildings in an unremarkable-looking city, I got to thinking on the thirst for culture that drove me out into the wild world away from my small sunny island, whose climate I shall always sorely miss. I keep wishing that the sun [...]

Take a balanced view

2021-12-09T09:50:53+01:00Thu, 9th Dec '21, 09:50|

It was a relief for me to read Ranier Fsadni’s opinion piece today assessing the debacle after Helena Dalli published an internal style guide hyperbolically alleged to attempt a ban on Christmas. It must have taken courage to comment that the Pope got it wrong. Yep, the comparison with Nazism was grotesque. Helena Dalli and [...]

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