You see, it’s not all in vain

2022-07-12T12:49:59+02:00Tue, 12th Jul '22, 12:49|

The police ignored findings of a magisterial inquiry for 15 months. They ignored a court filing denouncing a crime by Repubblika. They replied to a legal challenge by Repubblika by insisting that crime is nobody’s business but theirs. Were it up to Angelo Gafà, we’d have forgotten about Pilatus Bank. That would have been greatly [...]

Broken promises on press freedom reforms

2022-07-12T11:38:38+02:00Tue, 12th Jul '22, 11:38|

Prime Minister Robert Abela has broken his public commitment to publish recommendations from experts he appointed to advise him on how to enhance media freedom and protect journalists. A government statement last January had promised the experts’ recommendations would be published within 10 days of the government receiving them, but Robert Abela has withheld recommendations [...]

GUEST POST: Does Surging Existential Dread Help Robert?

2022-07-12T09:59:46+02:00Tue, 12th Jul '22, 09:59|

Sent in by someone known to me. One cannot but compare Malta’s political landscape with that parallel universe abroad in countries we used to hold up as models of democracy. It’s almost as if some nefarious evil force is playing games with our worldwide collective sanity. Brexit, the rise of the French far right and [...]

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