Opening a new front

2022-07-13T16:32:40+02:00Wed, 13th Jul '22, 16:32|

A few weeks ago, the Court of Appeal overturned a decision by a lower court and found me responsible for causing moral damages to MaltaToday’s Raphael Vassallo with an article I had written in October 2019. The court ordered me to pay him €1,000 plus pay for his court costs for both stages of the [...]

Full marks for promises. Failure at keeping them.

2022-07-13T16:17:08+02:00Wed, 13th Jul '22, 16:17|

The EU Commission’s report on the state of the rule of law in Malta provides the government with enough quotes to continue its rather unseemly habit of congratulating itself for doing bugger all. There’s the implicit admission that the rule of law under Joseph Muscat was raped and pillaged. I say implicit because they don’t [...]

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