Cowardice of conviction

2022-07-21T10:54:05+02:00Thu, 21st Jul '22, 10:54|

PN MP Ivan Bartolo, who voted against the changes to the IVF law, made the observation in Parliament that the government gazette was claiming the president signed the bill adopted by parliament into law, when, Ivan Bartolo knew, George Vella hadn’t done so. The notice was pulled from the website, Times of Malta explained today, [...]

Judge Joe Azzopardi. Again.

2022-07-21T11:07:07+02:00Thu, 21st Jul '22, 10:22|

The former chief justice, Joe Azzopardi, is growing into the role of the go to guy for the government when they need an inquiry to smooth things over, Humphrey Appleby style. He has just been given the job of looking into the acquittal of Charles Mercieca and Gianluca Caruana Curran who were let off after [...]

Blind spots

2022-07-21T08:11:53+02:00Thu, 21st Jul '22, 08:11|

You would think that I am uploading this image to make fun of the national broadcaster for a typo. I would not do that. We all make mistakes. God knows I make plenty and typos are more of a regular occurrence on this blog than I'd like them to be. I'm using this image because [...]


2022-07-21T07:56:17+02:00Thu, 21st Jul '22, 07:56|

No one suggests that retired prime ministers should do like the abdicating kings of old. They don’t need to join a monastery and live out their dying years in ascetic contemplation. But that clip yesterday of Joseph Muscat walking down a street in Oxford with developer Michael Stivala, president of the Malta Developers Association shows [...]

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