First Arnold Cassola and later The Shift News commented on information from inside a packed flight to London earlier this month where Air Malta relocated passengers with pre-booked seats so that parliamentary secretary Chris Bonett could sit with his kids in coach.

Ten people had to make way for his sorry arse.

A few weeks ago, he was reported going on holiday to Sicily in his official car refusing to answer questions on who paid for the boat ticket and the petrol he used on his jaunt.

Ten years ago, in the dark Gonzi days, this would have been a major scandal. Resignations would have been automatic. This sort of behaviour was as rare as it was unthinkable.

Just so you know, you live in a place where this behaviour has become unremarkable except on the Facebook page of a feisty independent politician and the website of a feisty independent news organisation, both considered and treated as fringe lunatics by the political mainstream.

Chris Bonett does because Chris Bonett can. So shut up.