LONG READ: Shed a tear for the mafia

2023-11-29T14:04:00+01:00Wed, 29th Nov '23, 14:04|

It feels like the pain of grey-listing by the FATF is well and truly forgotten. Malta’s pretence at fighting financial crime is being retired. Jonathan Attard, flanked by Judge Antonio Mizzi, announced a raft of measures to reduce the tools the law gave, up to now, to prosecutors to fight money laundering. Those tools are [...]

Creative evasions

2023-11-29T12:44:55+01:00Wed, 29th Nov '23, 12:44|

Ministers would like nothing better than for journalists to stay indoors. Few newsrooms can afford to have journalists lying in wait for politicians who do not pick up the phone. Unfortunately for politicians the Parliament building does not have an underground car park so sometimes ministers can’t avoid annoying questions. For just those situations they [...]

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