Presidential mediocrity

2023-11-07T10:24:46+01:00Tue, 7th Nov '23, 10:24|

This is a statement issued today by the president’s office after a fugitive who turned himself in to the police and told the court he has been working on a construction site at San Anton Palace while the police were looking for him: With reference to reports that are appearing in the media, the Office [...]

The vanishing phones of Keith Schembri

2023-11-07T07:39:49+01:00Tue, 7th Nov '23, 07:39|

Keith Schembri’s lawyers are having none of it. A phone that was held for safekeeping by a magistrate in a case against Keith Schembri vanished for a while only to reappear in another file which was not supposed to be in the magistrate’s office at all. The brief disappearance of the phone is now being [...]

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