First good citizen

2023-11-06T13:57:15+01:00Mon, 6th Nov '23, 13:57|

Tristan Farrugia Tedesco is hardly a reliable source of information. He was in court today after giving himself up to the police on his lawyer’s advice yesterday. He’s been on the run for a while. The police told the court they’ve chased him over rooftops at least twice. Turns out avoiding arrest by jumping across [...]

A systemic onslaught on the rule of law

2023-11-06T09:46:57+01:00Mon, 6th Nov '23, 09:46|

This post will refer to several episodes that happened over the last few days that may at first appear unconnected but are in reality part of a growing trend of erosion of every individual’s right to seek the protection of the court from their government. Consider first this One TV report of a lawsuit brought [...]

GUEST POST: A return to first principles of democracy

2023-11-06T09:35:57+01:00Mon, 6th Nov '23, 09:35|

The state of the nation The turbulent waves of this scandal-plagued bewildered populist authoritarian government have led to an evidenced and indisputable illiberal democracy roiled by a crisis of legitimacy. The mechanisms of scandalous and criminal history of this government in addition to a political model painstakingly moulded on polarisation and abuse of power and [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Grinding to a halt

2023-11-06T09:23:22+01:00Mon, 6th Nov '23, 09:23|

From my article in yesterday's The Sunday Times: "The inquiry Repubblika star­ted four years ago is, by defi­nition, four years old. It’s bound to wrap up at some point and people, such as a couple of other newspapers last week, have been speculating that it’s nearing completion. It is hard to imagine that an inquiry [...]

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