What he may be wanting us to understand

2023-11-09T14:29:57+01:00Thu, 9th Nov '23, 14:29|

Read this report of the arguments brought in court today by Keith Schembri’s lawyers. I’m not summarising it because the issues are very complex and there’s a lot being hinted which is not being explicitly said in all the words here. I don’t want any of that lost in summaries and adaptations. The following list [...]

GUEST POST: Did we really hear the Prime Minister well?

2023-11-09T14:26:49+01:00Thu, 9th Nov '23, 14:26|

If Robert Abela really thinks that all politicians are elected to deal out favours to those who vote for it whether they are entitled to these favours or not, then he is a crooked misinformed despot who should not hold office. Absolute monarchs or dictators do exactly that. They choose whom to favour either because [...]

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