Another SLAPP

2024-01-15T12:28:28+01:00Mon, 15th Jan '24, 12:28|

It’s been nearly three years since an inquiry set up by the government itself has found the Maltese state responsible for the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia. It gave a long list of reasons for that conclusion and for each of those reasons a recommendation which the government has proceeded to ignore. One of those [...]

The door has been opened

2024-01-16T09:11:38+01:00Mon, 15th Jan '24, 11:29|

It is of some comfort that three most senior judges of the land were as unimpressed as we were with the arguments, such as they were, of the Attorney General Victoria Buttigieg and her lawyer the State Advocate Chris Soler that Repubblika’s complaint about Buttigieg’s decisions in the Pilatus case should be heard behind closed [...]

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