Emptiness at the top

2024-01-17T09:16:45+01:00Wed, 17th Jan '24, 09:16|

In 78 days, a new president should be sworn in. Just before that there’s Easter. Before that Parliament needs to meet and vote and appoint the new president. For the first time ever, the person will have to be chosen with the support of both sides of the house. So before that a consensus between [...]

Victimless crime

2024-01-17T07:55:50+01:00Wed, 17th Jan '24, 07:55|

Last night, a small number of MPs met with Justice Minister Jonathan Attard who is piloting the law which is all but abolishing temporary asset freezes for people charged with money laundering. They were going through what’s called ‘the committee stage’ which is when each individual article of the new law is debated individually and [...]

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