The bloody basics

2024-01-08T11:27:05+01:00Mon, 8th Jan '24, 11:27|

Perhaps I'm too anal. This is the section of the prime minister's official website which introduces the cabinet of Ministers: ( When you scroll down, the list of ministers continues, seamlessly, to include the ministers' parliamentary secretaries. Shocking as it may be to the parliamentary secretaries to learn this and despite what the prime minister's [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Kicking the can

2024-01-08T10:54:22+01:00Mon, 8th Jan '24, 10:54|

This is not exactly hot off the press. The Sunday Times published this on 31 December and I haven't uploaded it since. My excuse is I was on holiday. If you've missed it, you must surely have a good excuse. So here it is. "The European Commission’s 2023 (rule of law) report was scathing enough. [...]

What did he do?

2024-01-08T10:28:30+01:00Mon, 8th Jan '24, 10:28|

Maybe it’s the weather, or maybe it’s the thought of adjusting after two weeks of holiday. I woke up today with an acute case of Monday morning blues. Maybe you have as well. But however dark your day is, it’s better than Aaron Farrugia’s. He’s newly unemployed. He can’t ride that grey Tesla anymore. And [...]

Government appeals prisons access decision

2024-01-08T08:49:18+01:00Mon, 8th Jan '24, 08:49|

  The government has filed an appeal seeking to overturn a decision by Judge Toni Abela that ruled my right to free expression was breached when as a journalist I was denied appropriate access to the prisons and other detention facilities to report on conditions in there. In the meantime, requests I made to visit [...]

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