The one who eats the scene

2024-01-22T10:52:40+01:00Mon, 22nd Jan '24, 10:52|

I remember Daphne writing about the plague of fragile men who must do more than inhabit your life, they must possess it. For them, politics and public life is vital, like air is for most people. They must consume the space around themselves with their real or imagined importance. They must have people speak of [...]

The one who hates the scene

2024-01-22T10:51:02+01:00Mon, 22nd Jan '24, 10:51|

Saviour Balzan does not like the fact that his sycophantic chats with Yorgen Fenech from before Fenech’s arrest are making the rounds again. An anonymous X (twitter) account is publishing screen shots. Balzan blames two people in particular, Mark Camilleri (who republished the leaks), and Jason Azzopardi, who Balzan believes is the source that leaked [...]

Fraud is not a private matter

2024-01-22T18:21:31+01:00Mon, 22nd Jan '24, 10:49|

The Data Protection Commissioner has told Mark Camilleri to take down copies of chats he published between Rosianne Cutajar and Yorgen Fenech. The Commissioner said the publication was in breach of Yorgen Fenech’s right to privacy and Camilleri’s argument that publishing the content of the chats was in the public interest is just not strong [...]

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