Black humour

2021-04-06T09:00:22+02:00Tue, 6th Apr '21, 09:00|

You've got to hand it to them. They know how to play irony when they put their minds to it. Here's a billboard put up by the Armed Forces presumably to promote their recruitment drive. "We are prepared for any call for help," the billboard claims. They could have gone on to say we ignore [...]

Not letting it slide

2021-04-05T19:01:22+02:00Mon, 5th Apr '21, 18:59|

I let many things slide. And I would have lest slide as well the baseless accusation that this post I put up a few days ago about Rosianne Cutajar was “a violent act of gender-based abuse”, having given it a spirited response on another blog post. Until I realised that the government agency set up [...]

They should say what they’re apologising for

2021-04-05T16:13:45+02:00Mon, 5th Apr '21, 16:13|

Daniel Micallef having “no problem” with apologising to those who “feel hurt” for the behaviour of “the few” needs to be put against the background of what is this country deserves an apology. I’m not a man of a few words. But one can hardly say more than this screenshot of the news in this [...]

GUEST POST: Seeing the light

2021-04-05T14:34:35+02:00Mon, 5th Apr '21, 14:34|

As he journeyed he came near Damascus, and suddenly a light shone around him from heaven. Then he fell to the ground, and heard a voice saying to him, “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting Me?” And he said, “Who are You, Lord?” Then the Lord said, “I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting. It is hard for you to kick against [...]

Not the hardest word

2021-04-05T15:40:13+02:00Mon, 5th Apr '21, 14:16|

And there we have it. Sorry is not, after all, the hardest word. Marie Louise Coleiro yesterday said that the Labour Party should apologise to people who assumed, wrongly, that the party was a moral organisation. Daniel Micallef, fast earning the reputation of being a good guy, said he would not have a problem saying [...]

A state of denial

2021-04-05T11:55:13+02:00Mon, 5th Apr '21, 11:55|

In place of Last Supper exhibitions and masked penitents dragging chains around their ankles, it is now a new Maltese Easter tradition to behave as if no one is drowning in our waters. The Maltese government and army took an enormous risk over this weekend. They ignored reports of three boats in distress in our [...]

Profess your pinkie

2021-04-05T10:15:12+02:00Mon, 5th Apr '21, 10:15|

The third Godfather movie is unfairly maligned. Whatever your opinion is of Michael Corleone vainly seeking redemption, there’s a scene when Michael is trying to get his ex-wife to forgive him before heart disease kills him. She mocks his residual, self-servingly optimistic Catholic expectation that once you express regret for your sins, God will forgive [...]

Raping truth

2021-04-05T09:24:11+02:00Mon, 5th Apr '21, 09:24|

Here’s another one who shows up to save us from ourselves. Watch this speech by Miriam Dalli a few days before the 2017 election projecting onto Simon Busuttil the guilt of her own party and her own party leader like a lab mouse for someone trying to prove Freud’s defence mechanisms. She says Simon Busuttil [...]

When they looked away

2021-04-05T09:06:06+02:00Mon, 5th Apr '21, 09:06|

This series is worth your time. It is important to dig these up because one by one you’ll see Labour Party politicians wear a new skin and looking to convince you this has always been what they stood for. Whenever history is inconsistent with their narrative they will try to bury your memory of it. [...]

Behold, your justice minister

2021-04-02T11:04:11+02:00Fri, 2nd Apr '21, 08:59|

Purely on the basis of having gotten it wrong, this man should go into hiding. Here’s a video of Edward Zammit Lewis from 2019, holding court on his party’s station. It’s Good Friday and you’re meant to be fasting and meditating on sins, so take out these 3 minutes of suffering and count them against [...]

Soldiers inside your home

2021-04-02T08:32:15+02:00Fri, 2nd Apr '21, 08:32|

Charmaine Gauci has apparently instructed police officers to butt into people’s homes to count how many are inside sharing a dinner and where they will be going to sleep. The move is “necessary” to enforce the cap on people from different households meeting privately and spreading the coronavirus. Yesterday she said she’s also mobilised traffic [...]

GUEST POST: Just a quick ‘no, but, yes, but’

2021-04-02T07:56:45+02:00Fri, 2nd Apr '21, 07:56|

PM Abela said that justice will not be served if all Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murderers walk free. “We can’t go in the direction where no one is found guilty in the Daphne Caruana Galizia murder […] If we want justice, but it means everyone walks free, then that isn’t justice,” is the exact quote reported [...]

GUEST POST: Truth was on our side

2021-03-31T17:58:39+02:00Wed, 31st Mar '21, 17:58|

Manuel asked me for my personal account of how I witnessed the tumultous events leading to the arraignment of Joseph Muscat's right-hand man and a group of his associates-in-crime on March 20. I did tell him that I could never write it as well as he could. But he insisted and I could not decline, [...]

A police state. Not the good kind.

2021-03-31T10:41:50+02:00Wed, 31st Mar '21, 10:41|

Life as a community is not just about home and work. It’s not just about money, even the money we spend paying those who charge us for our entertainment. Life in a community is about doing together things for their own sake. Think about people who volunteer some of their time to help the needy [...]

Knock it off the front page

2021-03-31T09:55:39+02:00Wed, 31st Mar '21, 09:55|

It’s a quick hop, skip and a jump to the next general elections. Labour will win if it keeps people distracted long enough. For those with misgivings about all the crime and corruption, the message is that Labour has turned the page. It won’t convince everyone. But it doesn’t have to. It only needs to [...]

Another gun to our head

2021-03-31T09:31:33+02:00Wed, 31st Mar '21, 09:31|

William Cuschieri, the lawyer for iċ-Ċiniż and il-Fulu, charged with killing Daphne Caruana Galizia, circulated a statement by his clients this morning announcing that “they are prepared to say the whole truth”. They repeated the contents of their letter to the president demanding immunity so they testify against sitting and former government ministers they say [...]

NGOs up in arms over draconian fund-raising law

2021-03-30T17:50:17+02:00Tue, 30th Mar '21, 17:47|

Several voluntary organisations have told the Commissioner and the Council for voluntary organisations that new regulations enacted last September to govern fundraising by NGOs are unworkable and probably illegal. No consultations with NGOs were conducted before the regulations were published by the education ministry, then led by Owen Bonnici. As NGOs became aware of the [...]

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