Look behind you!

2021-03-30T16:04:24+02:00Tue, 30th Mar '21, 16:04|

Officially the police cannot say what it intends to do with Adrian Hillman because the law does not allow them to comment about people they haven't yet charged. We've heard Adrian Hillman is probably, possibly, in the UK. He's reading a doctorate at a London university though since it's a research PhD and since there's [...]

TVM’s favourite lawyer

2021-03-30T14:38:29+02:00Tue, 30th Mar '21, 14:38|

I wrote a piece earlier commenting on TVM’s coverage of the evidence being heard in court against Keith Schembri. I put up a clip of how TVM covered proceedings in court focusing on the questions asked by Keith Schembri’s defence team from the police officers presenting the evidence. There was precious little reporting of the [...]

Bring back that horse. I need to fall off it.

2021-03-30T14:25:20+02:00Tue, 30th Mar '21, 14:25|

Robert Abela discovered yesterday that Macbridge is owned by Chen Cheng. So, wearing a cape that was last summer’s bleached beach towel, his wife’s black stockings over his head, and grasping a wooden spoon, he heroically told the police chief to investigate everything. He even underlined everything which is Robert Abela’s way of going beyond [...]

Hey pretty boy, you cannot do that

2021-03-30T15:05:51+02:00Tue, 30th Mar '21, 14:05|

Silvio Schembri’s ministry has a program for up and coming technologists who are still studying to get job placements with tech companies. Good. Silvio Schembri is an election candidate in the 6th and 7th district and is sending publicity material in the letterboxes of people who live in those districts to encourage them [...]

Edward Scicluna, time to apologise and resign in disgrace

2021-03-30T13:31:20+02:00Tue, 30th Mar '21, 13:31|

On 21 May 2017, Times of Malta’s Ivan Camilleri reported the findings of an FIAU investigations that concluded there had been “reasonable suspicion” that Keith Schembri was involved in money laundering in his business with the Allied Group and the payments made to Adrian Hillman. By then the report was a year old. And it [...]

The newsroom that doesn’t have to worry

2021-03-30T13:05:49+02:00Tue, 30th Mar '21, 11:53|

Here’s a newsroom that doesn’t have to worry about Rachel Montebello’s decree. Watch this report from TVM’s coverage of the hearing of evidence against Keith Schembri. The report could have been written by Keith Schembri himself. It is a collection of questions asked in the cross examination of police without any context about the evidence [...]

PODCAST: Criminalising journalism

2021-03-30T09:52:22+02:00Tue, 30th Mar '21, 09:52|

Manuel Delia · Criminalising Journalism The newsroom at the Times of Malta yesterday must have had one of those fair and foul days. The Macbridge investigation is a coup of high-quality journalism. It demonstrates the effectiveness of collaborative journalism involving reporters on the beat in Valletta, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Nanjing. And it demonstrates the [...]

Look up Crane

2021-03-29T13:45:45+02:00Mon, 29th Mar '21, 13:40|

Given the evidence the police presented against Keith Schembri on the imbroglio at Progress Press, it would be irresponsible for the police and other institutions like the National Audit Office not to look deep into what happened with Crane Currency. It’s not that Keith Schembri’s fingerprints were discovered on that deal. He’s its acknowledged meister. [...]

Does Robert Abela think we work for him?

2021-03-29T11:58:30+02:00Mon, 29th Mar '21, 11:58|

At a speech yesterday Robert Abela said he ordered the termination of the contract Justyne Caruana secured for her “friend” Daniel Bogdanovic as soon as news of the contract emerged in the media. This reminds me of one of Robert Abela’s first acts: ordering the termination of the contract the tourism authority gave Konrad Mizzi [...]

PODCAST: Choosing between injustices

2021-03-29T13:59:13+02:00Mon, 29th Mar '21, 11:21|

Manuel Delia · Choosing Between Injustices This country needs to learn the truth and the only reliable sources are a bunch of amoral liars. Alfred and George Degiorgio were people one would turn to if one needed someone killed. Vince Muscat was someone killers or bank robbers turned to when they needed a grunt. Melvyn [...]

GUEST POST: Bob’s your uncle

2021-03-29T09:10:09+02:00Mon, 29th Mar '21, 09:08|

Photo: Mark Zammit Cordina / Times of Malta When that affront to politics and politicians Joseph Muscat returned to Malta to set up his so-called “movement” a friend of mine quipped “the only good movement is a bowel movement”. He was right. Joseph Muscat did not set up a movement. He set up [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: There’s so much more

2021-03-28T10:43:58+02:00Sun, 28th Mar '21, 10:43|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "In June 2018, I reported on my website that Schembri received over $430,000 in payments in January 2015 from unexplained sources. Documentation held by Pace’s firm does not include any traces of the provenance of these funds, nor that any verification has been made of their provenance [...]

Gaming industry laments “loss of business, impact on reputation” because of corruption and collusion

2021-03-27T09:36:08+01:00Sat, 27th Mar '21, 09:36|

Major gaming industry players published a statement today “stressing the need for clear and decisive action to ensure that justice is done and any guilty parties are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” They were commenting on “events, accusations and criminal charges being levied in Malta” over the past few years, and in [...]

Heart of Gold

2021-03-27T08:13:13+01:00Sat, 27th Mar '21, 08:13|

Ian Castaldi Paris thinks it’s unfair that a Facebook post he wrote two years ago giving a metaphorical public blow job to Keith Schembri is being circulated again now, as if he had just written it. He doesn’t get it, does he? Two years ago, he wrote that post to defend his beloved Keith Schembri [...]

How they took the old lady

2021-03-26T16:54:55+01:00Fri, 26th Mar '21, 16:54|

We’ve known Keith Schembri and Adrian Hillman had a scam going. We’ve known it for over 4 years now. But today the police explained what the scam was. The then chairman of the company that owns The Times Vince Buhagiar, and Keith Schembri’s business partner Malcolm Scerri were also in on it. We finally understand [...]

You’re free to disagree

2021-03-26T15:31:57+01:00Fri, 26th Mar '21, 13:53|

I apologise upfront for insisting on speaking on my home turf. I do not enter into debates on Facebook. The ganging up, the shouting matches replete with whataboutisms, non sequiturs, straw men and twisted logic remind me of the school yard. Which I avoided as a child and which I will avoid now. I did [...]

GUEST POST: A Call for Civil Peace

2021-03-26T09:14:28+01:00Fri, 26th Mar '21, 09:14|

The present evidenced dysfunctional democracy has led to a dysfunctional society. The prognosis of the islands’ maladies overlaps from the functionality of government onto the people. In an absence of a credible alternative, citizens opted to conform with the regime in exchange for mass consumerism that some describe a trickling economy. All in the name [...]

Not kickbacks. Not nothing either.

2021-03-25T19:06:07+01:00Thu, 25th Mar '21, 19:06|

In his effort to keep Labour on side, Keith Schembri announced hours before his arrest that a magisterial inquiry found no proof that payments he received from Brian Tonna at Pilatus Bank amounted to kickbacks on the back of the sale of passports. Today the police testified in court that the magistrate had not found [...]

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