You can’t free information in secret

2022-09-16T15:59:33+02:00Fri, 16th Sep '22, 15:59|

I joined a number of journalists, academics, and activists in calling on the Institute of Maltese Journalists (IĠM) to open up to the public their ongoing discussions with the government on reforms to secure media freedom in this country. Five years since Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed, legal and administrative reforms to protect journalism are [...]

Lady in pink

2022-09-16T09:23:20+02:00Fri, 16th Sep '22, 09:23|

President's memo to EU Commissioners: Please everyone wear blues and yellows in solidarity with Ukraine. Helena Dalli: Did you say blue? Viva l-Lejber! Light.

Thus Spake “Judiciary Malta”

2022-09-15T20:10:24+02:00Thu, 15th Sep '22, 20:10|

There’s been an odd development in Repubblika’s struggle to get an impartial judge to hear our challenge against the police chief for failing to implement the conclusions of a magistrate’s inquiry into Pilatus Bank. ‘Odd’ because it’s rare, as rare as watching an Accession Council made of perfectly reasonable women and men shouting in unison [...]

The court that speaks but does not listen

2022-09-15T11:49:49+02:00Thu, 15th Sep '22, 11:49|

Repubblika has been asking Magistrate Nadine Lia for months to call a sitting of the case it brought against the chief of police for not implementing the conclusions of the Pilatus Bank inquiry. She refused, repeatedly, with the same haughtiness with which she refused any and all arguments we brought to persuade her that her [...]

London events to mark Daphne anniversary announced

2022-09-14T10:56:23+02:00Wed, 14th Sep '22, 10:56|

Several free speech NGOs have teamed up with the Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation and St John’s Church on the roundabout at Waterloo in London to organise a series of London events in the days leading up to the 5th anniversary of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination. The events: 3 October at 19:00 at St John’s Waterloo: [...]

The people’s choice

2022-09-13T17:07:06+02:00Tue, 13th Sep '22, 17:04|

16th November 1967: Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip visiting the parliament in Malta. The Prime Minister, Dr Borg Olivier is standing next to Prince Philip. (Photo by Central Press/Getty Images) I wrote a post yesterday saying it didn’t feel right that Malta was not officially mourning the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. [...]

The man who stayed outside the kitchen

2022-09-13T16:28:59+02:00Tue, 13th Sep '22, 16:28|

For two years Repubblika’s Robert Aquilina has been battling the data protection process to get the government to give up secret documents that might explain who, how, and why Silvio Valletta was allowed to interfere in the financial intelligence agency. That’s Silvio Valletta, the disgraced cop who cooked a splendid carbonara for Yorgen Fenech to [...]


2022-09-13T08:24:40+02:00Tue, 13th Sep '22, 08:24|

Outside the British High Commission, the only flag I've seen flying at half mast in memory of Queen Elizabeth II was the EU flag at Valletta's European Parliament office.


2022-09-12T11:04:53+02:00Mon, 12th Sep '22, 11:04|

European governments and their coast guards, including ours, have been telling themselves they’re not breaking any laws by ignoring distress calls from migrants stranded in our seas. The governments write the laws, which, to them, is convenient. I know many people write angrily on Facebook when news of people drowning or dying of thirst in [...]

No need to be rude

2022-09-13T08:22:17+02:00Mon, 12th Sep '22, 10:37|

I’m a republican. The notion of divine right, even when cited symbolically without an intention to be literal, is abhorrent to me. The idea that someone is qualified to do a job, any job, by being born to it, is as inimical to my understanding of the way things should be as original sin. The [...]

“So what?”

2022-09-13T08:21:31+02:00Mon, 12th Sep '22, 09:44|

On the eve of the 2017 election, called a year ahead of time officially because of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s reporting about evidence in the possession of Pilatus Bank that Joseph Muscat’s wife received illicit payments from Azerbaijan, Nadine Lia publicly spoke at a Labour Party event in the presence of Joseph Muscat. She trivialised the [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Konrad’s Miriam

2022-09-11T07:57:57+02:00Sun, 11th Sep '22, 07:57|

From my article in The Sunday Times: "Have you considered opening a restaurant? You only need Mizzi as your customer. Mizzi will promise to eat whatever you cook for him, good or bad. He promises to pay for it at a rate that makes you a profit, irrespective of whether next door someone is selling better [...]

The road to Lia

2022-09-09T13:57:21+02:00Fri, 9th Sep '22, 13:57|

The issue Repubblika has in court with Magistrate Nadine Lia has taken a disturbing turn. No one has the right to choose a judge to hear their case on the basis of whether they like them or they fancy their chances of getting a favourable decision out of them. But everyone has the right to [...]

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