Where the PM has not gone before

2022-10-09T09:19:06+02:00Sun, 9th Oct '22, 09:18|

Perhaps even after all this writing and speaking in public I remain naive. I still manage to be disappointed by the behaviour of the government and the Labour Party. I should really expect no better. I should never take at face value their proclamations of commitment to the rule of law and their waxing melodrama [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Waiting for justice five years on

2022-10-09T09:02:18+02:00Sun, 9th Oct '22, 09:02|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "This Wednesday, we are showing a documentary on Daphne’s investigations and how those stories turned out after she was killed for writing them. On Saturday evening, world-renowned journalist Carole Cadwalladr will speak about journalism in eroding democracies, where ever-more autocratic governments clip the wings of free speech to [...]

GUEST POST: This week, join us.

2022-10-09T08:58:36+02:00Sun, 9th Oct '22, 08:58|

For the past five years we the women of Occupy Justice have campaigned hard calling for justice for Daphne Caruana Galizia and her family. Here we are on the eve of the fifth anniversary of her killing and justice remains elusive. We may be close to a trial of two of her killers and another [...]

Pillar of salt

2022-10-06T13:15:34+02:00Thu, 6th Oct '22, 13:15|

This evening journalists are gathering at a meeting called by the IĠM, the institute of Maltese Journalists, to discuss the draft laws published by the government ostensibly to improve the protection of journalists. One of the published amendments inserts a declaration in the Constitution that says that a free press is the fourth pillar of [...]

The cheek on this guy

2022-10-05T16:53:54+02:00Wed, 5th Oct '22, 16:53|

Labour TV reports on this meeting Byron Camilleri had with Belarus opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya. Here’s a translation of an extract of the report: “At the meeting they discussed the situation in Belarus and the efforts of the EU, backed by Malta, to keep in touch with that country’s civil society to normalise basic rights [...]

Don’t let these bastards have the last word

2022-10-05T07:57:45+02:00Wed, 5th Oct '22, 07:57|

They have nothing better to do than deny the world around them. But that's no reason to let them get their way. This is a question of stamina, of who stays awake at a watch of a seemingly endless night. We must believe that if we stay long enough the light of truth will burn [...]

Reach up

2022-10-04T20:59:30+02:00Tue, 4th Oct '22, 16:12|

Together with colleagues from Repubblika I’m spending my days this week at the University campus. Our NGO has a stand at the grand festival which is Freshers’ Week where student societies work on attracting new members, students line up to get a permit for their car to enter the University grounds, potential employers give out [...]

This aged like milk

2022-10-03T19:17:15+02:00Mon, 3rd Oct '22, 19:17|

I am putting up here some of the official photos of the inauguration of the Marsa junction last year. I’m also putting up a link to the official video of the event which was broadcast live on the national TV channel. Yep, they interrupted their regular programming to show you this. https://youtu.be/00t_l5XQ-JU It was such [...]

Maria Falcone to participate in Daphne events

2022-10-01T08:54:24+02:00Sat, 1st Oct '22, 08:54|

The sister of Giovanni Falcone, the magistrate killed by the mafia 30 years ago this year, will be in Malta at Repubblika’s invitation to participate in the events marking the fifth anniversary of the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia. Maria Falcone, a professor of law, is the sister of Giovanni Falcone, assassinated in Capaci by [...]

Iosif Galea sentenced to 2.5 years in prison by German court

2022-09-30T15:01:51+02:00Fri, 30th Sep '22, 15:01|

Iosif Galea, former John Dalli business associate and Joseph Muscat travel partner, has been sentenced to 2 and half years in prison by a German court after he was found guilty of aggravated tax evasion. The state court of Frankfurt found Iosif Galea guilty of evading €1.7 million in taxes owed over a period of [...]

(3) SLAPPs: The government has barely scratched the surface

2022-09-29T18:39:40+02:00Thu, 29th Sep '22, 18:39|

As a final entry in this series about the poverty of the so-called anti-SLAPP law the government proposed yesterday I want to list things the government should have introduced but didn’t. Against what standard, you might ask? Well, a good place to start would have been the draft EU directive published earlier this year that, [...]

(2) SLAPPs: The government has barely scratched the surface

2022-09-29T18:27:39+02:00Thu, 29th Sep '22, 18:27|

The second amendment to the libel law that the government published yesterday is labelled as the government’s initiative to provide “protection against judgements abusively obtained from courts outside Malta”. The government handed journalists paper umbrellas and sent them out in the rain. There are a number of reasons why I say that. Firstly, the government [...]

(1) SLAPPs: The government has barely scratched the surface

2022-09-29T18:25:46+02:00Thu, 29th Sep '22, 18:25|

This morning I reviewed the bill proposing constitutional amendments that the government published yesterday ostensibly to strengthen media freedom. I turn now to the second bill the government announced yesterday and I’ll split this review in two parts, starting in this series with the two provisions proposed by the government to address SLAPP suits. Once [...]

Malta in the dock over passport sales: Commission asks European Court to ban practice

2022-09-30T00:52:02+02:00Thu, 29th Sep '22, 13:17|

The European Commission announced today it was dragging Malta to the European Court of Justice because Malta sells its citizenship to people who have nothing to do with the country. That, the Commission argues, is in breach of the legal principle that we should “cooperate sincerely” with other member states. The biggest value to Maltese [...]

(4) The amendments to the Constitution threaten rather than protect free speech

2022-09-29T10:06:14+02:00Thu, 29th Sep '22, 09:57|

The third amendment to the constitution the government published yesterday rejigs the constitutional principle of free expression and, interestingly, the drafters resort to a universally respected source: the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Indeed, the new text that establishes the right to free expression is nearly identical to the Universal Declaration. Except. Except is the [...]

(3) The amendments to the Constitution threaten rather than protect free speech

2022-09-29T10:17:28+02:00Thu, 29th Sep '22, 09:54|

The second amendment to the constitution in the bill the government published yesterday is an amendment to the constitution’s Article 38 which rejigs the constitutional provisions on the protection for privacy. Now it’s a mystery why this issue has been jumbled with a discussion on media freedom. No doubt there is a relationship between the [...]

(2) The amendments to the Constitution threaten rather than protect free speech

2022-09-29T10:05:16+02:00Thu, 29th Sep '22, 09:50|

The first amendment to the constitution published by the government yesterday introduces a new statement that says that: The State recognises the freedom of the media and the role of the media as a public watchdog together with the right to exercise free journalism as fundamental elements of democracy. The State shall protect and promote [...]

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