Despair is what they want for us

2023-12-18T10:42:40+01:00Mon, 18th Dec '23, 10:42|

I wrote a piece in The Sunday Times yesterday that suggested we think about Citizens Assemblies, a way some democratic jurisdictions (Ireland and Iceland are leading examples) have looked at to increase participation and citizen engagement. The reaction to the suggestion was, to be kind, cool. To begin with, this is not the first time [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Who prevents the president?

2023-12-18T07:17:39+01:00Mon, 18th Dec '23, 07:17|

From my article in The Sunday Times yesterday: "Citizens’ assemblies were tested in Ireland before the abortion referendum. Ordinary people were found to have legitimate views and were capable of informed opinions after hearing the evidence and the arguments. The process of letting ordinary people speak and participate in the decision brought national unity over [...]

Listening in

2023-12-14T07:43:52+01:00Thu, 14th Dec '23, 07:43|

There’s something deeply disturbing about a law that specifically empowers governments to listen in on conversations and tapping the devices of journalists and their relatives. Certainly, it’s a gross invasion of privacy. It also reinforces the slanderous idea that by virtue of being journalists they’re doing something wrong. It is, as it were, a profession [...]

Reflections after judgement

2023-12-13T07:32:19+01:00Wed, 13th Dec '23, 07:32|

When you’ve just won a court case, you’re a poor judge of the qualities of the judge who ruled in your favour. Almost as poor a judge as you would be of the judge who just ruled against you. You must take my opinion of Judge Toni Abela with the seasoning the context I’m in [...]

A win for journalism, and a win for everyone’s basic rights

2023-12-11T17:56:11+01:00Mon, 11th Dec '23, 17:56|

The Constitutional Court presided by Judge Toni Abela ruled today on a case I brought in September 2020 after I was denied reasonable access to assess living conditions in the prison and in detention centres. The court ruled that the government breached my fundamental right to free expression when they refused or ignored my requests [...]

Opposition takes stand against new law abolishing temporary asset freezes

2023-12-11T10:55:14+01:00Mon, 11th Dec '23, 10:55|

Shadow minister Karol Aquilina released a statement by the PN signalling opposition to changes to the law that gives the state the power to freeze assets belonging to people charged with money laundering The PN statement said the government is rushing the changes through Parliament “for reasons that are obvious and known” in an apparent [...]

Not a victimless crime

2023-12-08T07:45:15+01:00Fri, 8th Dec '23, 07:45|

This is a speech I delivered yesterday in the Brussels building of the European Parliament at the event launching the political manifesto of the CHANCE network of European anti-mafia civil society organisations. The event was sponsored by the Socialist and Democrats Group in the European Parliament and hosted by Socialist MEP and former Italian chief [...]

Subtle transformation

2023-12-07T05:58:43+01:00Thu, 7th Dec '23, 05:58|

This is what a flight on the new airline replacing Air Malta looks like. If you're struggling to tell the difference, they changed the ties and the lanyards. The rest is the same. Ah yes, they wiped several hundreds of millions in accumulated losses over time. Look, I'm happy as the next guy that the [...]

Diminished ambitions

2023-12-07T06:01:21+01:00Wed, 6th Dec '23, 13:16|

In March 2021, the Maltese government was desperate to convince the Financial Action Task Force to remove Malta from the list of "grey", untrustworthy, financial jurisdictions. One of the most important targets set to the Maltese government was to show they were serious about recovering assets from criminals. The logic is that criminals want to [...]

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