Chris Fearne should update his reading list

2023-03-02T11:58:16+01:00Thu, 2nd Mar '23, 09:29|

I don't know if Chris Fearne reads this blog but he should add blogs to his reading list. In this interview from May 2016 he tells The Malta Independent he doesn't read "blogs with no evidence" in reference to Daphne Caruana Galizia's Running Commentary. Well, that's the problem, isn't it? Maybe if he read [...]

Highway to Heaven

2023-03-02T10:06:48+01:00Thu, 2nd Mar '23, 08:20|

Joseph and Michelle Muscat went to a church in Rabat yesterday. Mid-week mass may be unusual for some but not for our former first couple. It's unclear from the pictures whether they were wearing North Face, Gucci, or Louis Vuitton. No matter the clothes their place in paradise is assured. They were welcomed yesterday in the [...]

Shower head

2023-03-01T15:34:42+01:00Wed, 1st Mar '23, 15:34|

Joseph Muscat was irritated by Robert Aquilina’s visit to his state-provided office this morning. Nobody likes to be told their proper place is serving time. But if Robert Aquilina said Pope Francis’s place was in prison, the absurdity of the notion would be such that Pope Francis would ignore it. Replace Pope Francis with anyone [...]

A Matryoshka doll of injustices

2023-03-01T09:41:28+01:00Wed, 1st Mar '23, 09:41|

Read this report of a court decision by Judge Joanne Vella Cuschieri yesterday that found that landlords of three interconnected properties in Isla are victims of the state because they have not been allowed to enjoy their property. The court has ordered the state to compensate them for their suffering. The report will give you [...]

Like a virgin

2023-02-28T13:56:03+01:00Tue, 28th Feb '23, 11:34|

Ministers yesterday needed to somehow emerge as winners after a court ruled that they had behaved in a way that does not fit anyone with the country’s interests at heart. (That’s what the court called them, using a descriptor for a dictionary term the court could have opted for: fucking traitors). Ministers needed to live [...]

It’s still you

2023-02-27T08:16:46+01:00Mon, 27th Feb '23, 08:16|

For two hundred and eighty weeks we have had to go on without the benefit of your presence, without your unwilling leadership, without the trust you enjoyed of people who knew what was happening to us which you repaid with your life. You would have chuckled at the irony of the events of the last [...]

#occupyjustice: The Real Deal

2023-02-26T13:14:39+01:00Sun, 26th Feb '23, 13:14|

The following is a statement by #occupyjustice: Today, #occupyjustice inaugurated a monument to commemorate the sole contribution to the people of Malta of the Oxley Group, Vitalis/Bluestone, Vitals Global Healthcare and Steward Healthcare in collusion with the Maltese Government and its operatives. It is a representation of the only investment that was made out of [...]

Exit clauses

2023-02-26T13:11:48+01:00Sun, 26th Feb '23, 13:11|

  There’s a lot of chatter, which I have sought to ignore, about people taking credit not due to them or refusing to give credit where it is due when talking about Friday’s massive court decisions. I think a discussion on credit is secondary to the substance of the matter and as readers of this blog [...]

Saint Christopher

2023-02-26T10:28:55+01:00Sun, 26th Feb '23, 10:28|

Chris Fearne doesn’t want to go down in this storm. This is not just the desire for power or the fear of losing it. It is also because he is absolutely convinced he is innocent of the Steward catastrophe even if everyone else within smelling distance of the health ministry is guilty as a dog [...]

Ġakbini buying spoiled wheat

2023-02-26T09:57:34+01:00Sun, 26th Feb '23, 09:57|

It would be amusing had the consequences not been so serious, to see Steward’s reaction to a court decision that found they extorted money that did not belong to them, they enriched themselves unlawfully at the expense of citizens, that their behaviour is worthy of condemnation, that they showed contempt for their obligations, for the [...]

Mind games

2023-02-26T08:50:44+01:00Sun, 26th Feb '23, 08:35|

The government is in crisis. They feel the pull of gravity, the weight of Joseph Muscat around their ankles, the free fall into perdition that is in their future. They are clutching at proverbial straws and ditching metaphorical ballast. Robert Abela, Byron Camilleri, Silvio Schembri, Aaron Farrugia, Ian Borg, Clint Camilleri, Julia Farrugia Portelli, Clifton [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Great leap backwards

2023-02-26T07:51:48+01:00Sun, 26th Feb '23, 07:51|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "Since the second rule of law report, the European Commission asked every year a simple question: what progress has Malta achieved in improving things since the last report? They put the question to the government and ministers make colourful presentations proclaiming bold reforms, claims peppered with “unprecedented” [...]

What will the bankers say?

2023-02-25T09:49:03+01:00Sat, 25th Feb '23, 09:49|

One of the elements of the complex Electrogas scandal was that the promise that the “investors” made that they would bring money into the country to invest in a new power station did not materialise. Their money partner, Gasol, went bust and yet the government didn’t fire them. Instead, the government leaned on Bank of [...]

Use it or lose it

2023-02-25T08:53:11+01:00Sat, 25th Feb '23, 08:53|

Yesterday’s court decision to reverse a concession of public land and public property to a private consortium came at the end of a judicial review process provided for in the law governing the disposal of public land. First: how can public land be given away? The answer is through one of two ways. Either Parliament [...]

Steward out

2023-02-24T13:27:37+01:00Fri, 24th Feb '23, 13:27|

If Adrian Delia has not done a useful thing in his life – and that, it should be said, is rhetorical – he has today, and in the five years leading up to today’s court decision, done the nation a great service. Even the government must secretly be grateful. But the fact that today everyone [...]

In anticipation of Women’s Day

2023-02-24T08:42:07+01:00Fri, 24th Feb '23, 08:42|

Over the last three years the government commissioned three reports following the violent and untimely deaths of three women. There was the public inquiry that followed the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia which found the state responsible for her death, allowing for a toxic state of impunity to protect senior government ministers and their criminal [...]

Shifting omertà

2023-02-21T07:38:36+01:00Tue, 21st Feb '23, 07:38|

That was a strange interview that Raphael Vassallo had with criminology academic Saviour Formosa last Sunday. In some respects, it recalled an interview with another expert discussing traffic congestion on TV some years ago. That expert had said something to the effect that traffic congestion was not real as much as it was a “perception”, [...]

There’s good news and bad news

2023-02-20T15:43:42+01:00Mon, 20th Feb '23, 15:43|

I’m the good news first kind of guy. So, a court yesterday did something which has accurately been described as very rare. It allowed for a tool provided by human rights legislation to be used to stop someone suffering an alleged human rights violation while a court decides whether they’re suffering a human rights violation. [...]

GUEST POST: 50 shades of grey

2023-02-18T09:30:09+01:00Sat, 18th Feb '23, 09:30|

FIAU awakens. After the debacle caused by lack of oversight which caused Malta to be placed on the FATF grey list a lot of backpedalling has had to take place. It is apparent that in the last six months, after having managed to persuade the members of the FATF that our laws have begun to [...]

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