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GUEST POST: Did we really hear the Prime Minister well?

2023-11-09T14:26:49+01:00Thu, 9th Nov '23, 14:26|

If Robert Abela really thinks that all politicians are elected to deal out favours to those who vote for it whether they are entitled to these favours or not, then he is a crooked misinformed despot who should not hold office. Absolute monarchs or dictators do exactly that. They choose whom to favour either because [...]

GUEST POST: The truth will eventually always surface

2023-05-20T18:35:12+02:00Sat, 20th May '23, 18:35|

However deep the secrets behind the rape of Malta by Joseph Muscat, Keith Schembri, Konrad Mizzi, and Edward Scicluna are buried there will always be a day of reckoning. That day is getting closer and closer because, just like the secret behind the emperor’s donkey’s ears which the hairdresser with access to the secret could [...]

GUEST POST: The one that got away?

2023-04-09T06:59:15+02:00Sun, 9th Apr '23, 06:59|

...or so he thinks. There is one former minister , who was a member of the Muscat Cabinet, which was found to be jointly and severally guilty of the state of affairs in Malta that led to the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, and who was a good friend and close collaborator of Joseph Muscat [...]

GUEST POST: Qatra Qatra

2023-03-30T07:08:21+02:00Thu, 30th Mar '23, 07:08|

The culture of impunity and bribery experienced during the Joseph Muscat-Konrad Mizzi-Keith Schembri epoch continues. With Robert Abela the drops keep filling the accounts of many in the same spirit. The Prime Minister himself has admitted receiving rental income from an invisible tenant waiting to receive a Maltese Passport to launder moneyacross the EU. Abetting [...]

GUEST POST: A pack of cards and a pack of thieves

2023-03-21T09:02:48+01:00Tue, 21st Mar '23, 09:02|

Friday the 24th of February 2023 is marked as the day of criminals. It was the date of the landmark judgement in the case instituted by MP Adrian Delia against the criminals who lay behind the planned and executed fraudulent deal between members of the cabinet of the Maltese government led by Joseph Muscat and [...]

GUEST POST: 50 shades of grey

2023-02-18T09:30:09+01:00Sat, 18th Feb '23, 09:30|

FIAU awakens. After the debacle caused by lack of oversight which caused Malta to be placed on the FATF grey list a lot of backpedalling has had to take place. It is apparent that in the last six months, after having managed to persuade the members of the FATF that our laws have begun to [...]

GUEST POST: And they stick their heads in the sand

2021-03-24T09:26:38+01:00Wed, 24th Mar '21, 09:26|

Ostriches do, thinking, if they think at all with their pea-sized brains, that once they see no one, nobody sees them. Apparently the Republican Party Congress men and women and Senators in the USA have Ostrich genes or pea-sized brains or both. Having lived through four years of lies, half-truths and denigration of the press [...]

GUEST POST: The attack by the Commissioner for NGOs against Repubblika is unheard of in the civilised world.

2021-03-16T21:46:06+01:00Tue, 16th Mar '21, 21:46|

We did have similar types of repressions during the Mintoff and Mifsud Bonnici dictatorial eras. We all thought that those days were past in Malta. Even with the disgusting economic crimes and mafia-like administration of today going as far as to try to eliminate the voice of civil society is a step too far. After [...]

GUEST POST: Chambers of silence

2020-05-14T12:06:15+02:00Wed, 13th May '20, 15:12|

Last week after the inauguration of the new prime minister, the Malta Chamber of Commerce presented its list of complaints and a list of changes required for Malta to regain its lost reputation. This list is most welcome, coming from the widest section of the productive Maltese economy. It must be a telling message to [...]

GUEST POST: Wealth versus health

2020-05-12T11:24:53+02:00Tue, 12th May '20, 11:24|

Subtitle: How national political philosophy affected responses to, and preparations for, pandemics. Follows on from yesterday’s article, linked here. The UK, the USA and Sweden started off by pretending that the virus was not serious, then they opted to attempt to solve the issue with herd immunity. First propounded by an English University study that [...]

GUEST POST: Covid-19 and national attitudes

2020-05-11T11:34:17+02:00Mon, 11th May '20, 11:31|

Having had the benefit of spending years in various European countries, worked there, paid taxes there and experienced their healthcare systems, I can understand the different results of the approaches to the Covid-19. Since January, when the virus reached Europe and the USA, countries reacted differently exposing the investments made or the lack of preparation [...]

GUEST POST: The three envelopes

2020-05-08T10:58:24+02:00Fri, 8th May '20, 10:57|

The author, John Vassallo, wanted this preamble to appear with this new series of articles: "As a regular contributor to The Times of Malta, I have realised that a series of recent articles since February 2020 have been shelved. Whist respecting editorial independence I have a feeling that they have been refused either because my [...]

GUEST POST: The long tortuous road to Malta’s recovery.

2019-12-28T10:27:45+01:00Sat, 28th Dec '19, 10:27|

On the 19th December the Slovakian Republic began the process of healing itself after the cold blooded double murder of Jan Kuciak and his girlfriend in 2018. The court case against the murderers and the mastermind who ordered it and the ministers involved begins. Listening to the commentators both from within Slovakia and from outside [...]

GUEST POST: We, the new generation

2019-12-09T15:23:16+01:00Mon, 9th Dec '19, 15:21|

The world seems to be in one of those moments when change is afoot. We see the potential of our own son-of-emigrants Mayor Pete Butigieg from Ħamrun in the US who has an outside chance of trumping Trump, at next year’s election or at least having a go as a potential vice president. He will [...]

GUEST POST: Two years of shame

2019-12-04T05:25:14+01:00Wed, 4th Dec '19, 05:25|

This article was first published on The Times of Malta in two parts under the heading Ashamed to be Maltese on 22 and 29 October 2017. It was written the day after Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed. I never thought that I would feel so ashamed, disgusted,  afraid and angered about my own country and [...]

GUEST POST: Hard Labour

2019-11-27T13:12:45+01:00Wed, 27th Nov '19, 13:12|

The author is a former Malta ambassador to the European Union. How could the conspirators meet on the 4th floor before the election of 2013 and think they could get away with it? In spite of, or because, they relied upon foreign advisors who helped them set up a campaign which duped a greater part [...]

GUEST POST: Daphne’s murder is a blot on all of us

2019-10-15T17:14:03+02:00Tue, 15th Oct '19, 16:15|

Two years have gone by and still the world is in the dark about  by whom, why and when this gruesome deed was planned. It is unacceptable that it should take so long to fathom out who ordered and paid for this murder. It is also unacceptable that no truly independent Inquiry has been set [...]

GUEST POST: The enemy within

2018-09-25T10:35:48+02:00Mon, 24th Sep '18, 13:59|

This is a two-part series by guest author John Vassallo. The second part will be published tomorrow. The Enemy Within (1): Traitors in our midst The recent law suits in the US against advisers, employees and supporters of Donald Trump give a lot of food for thought. This week’s book launch of “FEAR Trump in [...]

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