Repubblika concerned about ‘lost generation’ of school children

2020-11-07T09:43:24+01:00Sat, 7th Nov '20, 09:43|

This statement was issued by Repubblika earlier today. Repubblika is deeply concerned at the government’s management of the education sector during the covid pandemic.  The greatest concern is that the government's failures are resulting in the provision of unequal quality of education to children which varies according to the category of school they attend - [...]

Knowing your friends

2020-11-07T08:50:35+01:00Sat, 7th Nov '20, 08:07|

The last time I criticised Christian Grima I did so unforgivably clumsily. It was a line dropped thoughtlessly in the middle of speaking of something else and I referred to him in the same sentence as Simon Mercieca, the guy who must be about as pleased with the result of the US presidential election as [...]

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