What a fine mess we’re in

2020-11-01T11:16:29+01:00Sun, 1st Nov '20, 11:16|

The revelations by PN MP Jason Azzopardi and the follow up reports in the press about the alleged involvement of sitting and former Labour politicians in crimes, would, in ordinary times, in ordinary countries, start a frenzied demand from the public to know what the prime minister is doing to distance himself from crooks and [...]

PN distances itself from Ryan Mercieca

2020-11-01T10:22:18+01:00Sun, 1st Nov '20, 10:22|

Ryan Mercieca, who contested the 2017 elections on the PN ticket, told this website he was still considering running for the seat vacated by the death of Frederick Azzopardi. But if he decided to run, he would be doing so without the blessing of the party that put him forward for election three years ago. [...]

RIGHT OF REPLY: Ryan Mercieca Replies

2020-11-01T08:23:10+01:00Sun, 1st Nov '20, 08:23|

Ryan Mercieca sent in this answer to this earlier post. As usual comments under a Right of Reply statement will not be posted. Dear Mr. Delia, Hope this email finds you well. First of all, let me take the opportunity to thank you for your journalistic work and fight against corruption. With reference to your article published [...]

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