Hurry Up and Kill Her (Part 1)

2020-11-24T07:49:02+01:00Fri, 20th Nov '20, 17:00|

The following is the first part of a series first published in Italian as a concluding chapter of Daphne Caruana Galizia, Un Omicidio di Stato (Strade Blu Mondadori, 2020), the Italian edition of Murder on the Malta Express: Who Killed Daphne Caruana Galizia(MidSea Books, 2019 and Silvertail Books, 2019). Hurry Up and Kill Her Wednesday, November 20, [...]

Dalli. Mercieca. Fenech.

2020-11-20T22:39:08+01:00Fri, 20th Nov '20, 14:34|

The government’s insistence on retaining that delusional clown Alexander Dalli as prison boss is, frankly, unbelievably obtuse even by the aphotic standards of this government of the night. This week he was in the news for the wrong reasons. The right reason for him to have been in the news should have been the fact [...]

GUEST POST: Scruples, or the lack of

2020-11-20T13:33:32+01:00Fri, 20th Nov '20, 13:33|

The dictionary definition of ‘scruples’ is having a kind of moral compass that lets you know what’s right. Often it is used in an outraged way when someone does something bad. Liars, thieves, criminals and politicians have fewer scruples than the rest of us. The idea of scruples has to do with ethics and morality, [...]

IĠM’s take on acquittal of Castille bullies

2020-11-20T12:57:39+01:00Fri, 20th Nov '20, 12:57|

The Institute of Maltese Journalists had a different assessment from mine about how the acquittal of three thugs that locked journalists inside a room in Castille in November last year came about. Since I do not hold the monopoly on truth, it would be good to consider this alternative perspective. IĠM are closer to the [...]

Miracle workers

2020-11-20T10:58:19+01:00Fri, 20th Nov '20, 10:58|

The UĦM proudly announced they have secured equal pay for the work being done by health workers engaged by Stewart Health Care and VGH at three formerly-public hospitals, working alongside and doing the same work as the public sector employees working at the same hospitals. It’s the union’s job to fight the turf of its [...]

Institutionalised contempt

2020-11-20T10:23:13+01:00Fri, 20th Nov '20, 10:23|

It just never ends. This government is fundamentally indifferent to the way the world sees us. We’re already in shit with the European Central Bank for a number of reasons. We had two banks licensed since 2013 shut down for pervasive money laundering. Our status as a white-listed and compliant financial jurisdiction is in serious [...]

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