PODCAST: Second prize, you’re fired.

2020-11-12T11:32:06+01:00Thu, 12th Nov '20, 11:32|

Manuel Delia · Second Prize, You're Fired Leviticus 5:17 warns you that it’s no excuse to say that you weren’t aware the Lord has proclaimed some action a sin. If you do it, you’ve sinned and must suffer the consequences. The succinct maxim is that ignorance of the law excuses no one. Okay, but that [...]

GUEST POST: Dysfunctional Representative Democracy

2020-11-12T09:06:51+01:00Thu, 12th Nov '20, 09:06|

Malta is experiencing a dysfunctional representative democracy. It started, unintentionally, prior to 2013. A Partit Laburista in government has institutionalised this faltering political system during the last seven years. It was its clandestine roadmap to gain power, expediting more wealth to the wealthy elites irrespective of costs and illegalities and coercing citizens to the bondage [...]

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