Hurry Up and Kill Her (Part 4)

2020-11-19T14:36:55+01:00Mon, 23rd Nov '20, 17:00|

The following is the fourth part of a series first published in Italian as a concluding chapter of Daphne Caruana Galizia, Un Omicidio di Stato (Strade Blu Mondadori, 2020), the Italian edition of Murder on the Malta Express: Who Killed Daphne Caruana Galizia(MidSea Books, 2019 and Silvertail Books, 2019). Hurry Up and Kill Her (Part 4) Thousands now [...]

Slaughter of the imbeciles

2020-11-23T09:35:31+01:00Mon, 23rd Nov '20, 09:35|

Robert Abela's reshuffle last weekend was a bit like the end of a football season. There's drama at the top as Miriam Dalli and Clyde Caruana were brought in to jump over the heads of all the Joseph Muscat veterans. But the real fun is in the relegation space at the bottom of the league [...]

GUEST POST: The mulberry bush

2020-11-23T08:52:26+01:00Mon, 23rd Nov '20, 08:52|

Dawra durella Qabża żigarella Ċoff tal-bellus Ċaqċaqielu lill-għarus. Axxa, axxa, Missieru mastrudaxxa Ma’ rasu għandu faxxa. Issa kulħadd jitbaxxa. Dawra Durella is a Maltese rhyme which children used to sing whilst dancing in a revolving circle. When the rhyme came to an end they all sat down. It was very popular years ago when cars [...]

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