The following is a letter sent in by Deo Scerri in reply to this post from two days ago. As usual, comments under a post published as a right of reply will not be posted.

Dear Mr Delia

I refer to your blog post entitled “Of course it’s purely coincidental” published on your website on 9 December.

Had you bothered to check the facts with me, I would have informed you that:

1. Until I was partner at RSM, the companies to which you referred were not clients of RSM. Indeed, upon checking with the Malta Business Registry, I discovered that the companies were clients of Spiteri Bailey & Co, who merged with RSM after I retired; and

2. I did not know and do not know the companies UBO and I have no idea how or when he became a client of Bank of Valletta plc, if that is so.

Kindly publish this as my reply to your article, in terms of law.

Yours sincerely

Deo Scerri