From my article in The Sunday Times today:

“The government never minded having senior government officials indulge in a bit of critic-bashing that would be popular with the rank and file.

“Consider Tony Zarb, paid advisor on Konrad Mizzi’s staff, calling Occupy Justice activists whores more fitting in Strait Street than Castille Place. Consider Jason Micallef, culture czar, twisting Daphne’s last words to say a drunken street party is more important than the killing of a journalist. Consider Mario Philip Azzopardi, artistic director of the Capital of Culture events, trolling an activist and calling her a ‘bitch’. Consider Neville Gafà recruiting stalkers to haunt Daphne’s private life right up to the last hours before her death. Consider Josef Caruana, OPM official and MEP candidate, pushing the notion that Daphne was killed by the hand of her sons. Consider Glenn Bedingfield.

“None of these was fired from public positions of authority despite the abuse they dished out to government critics.

“Where did the government draw the line? When Camilleri pushed back on unsolicited private correspondence from a lawyer acting for the man accused of masterminding Caruana Galizia’s killing.”

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