Times of Malta appears to have just saved taxpayers a considerable amount of money that the Tourism Authority was about to spend on luxury hotel rooms for its staff to have their wee breaks while manning the Christmas village.

I won’t bore you with predictable comments about why the MTA didn’t need this. This takes absurdity to a whole new level. It’s too tiring to comment.

I’ll just ask if the MTA’s CEO, Johanna Buttigieg, approved this plan before the Ministry found out about it from press questions and made him call the jamboree off.

This is the guy who booked a private flight for a board member on holiday in Sicily to come give her vote on a Planning Authority decision when he was CEO there.

It seems that this guy’s appreciation of the value of money is very, very thin.

Somebody please convince him to run his own business and spend his own money. That will quickly run out and we’d all be better for it.