THE SUNDAY TIMES: Karen lost that angry feeling

2022-12-04T06:57:26+01:00Sun, 4th Dec '22, 06:56|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "But given the mess we’re in in this country, given failing prosecutions against Pilatus Bank, given the return of Joseph Muscat – the dark prince of corruption – to public life, given that Yorgen Fenech is still cashing returns from the Electrogas contract, who’s reading the ombudsman’s [...]

Messy crusades

2022-12-01T13:30:36+01:00Thu, 1st Dec '22, 13:30|

I criticised the government for the poverty of its approach to a very complex, very important matter which they refuse, because of their spectacularly empty morality and their devious tactical gaming, to call it by its name:access to abortion. I was careful not to wade into the debate for or against abortion, while I risk [...]

If not doing the job they’re paid for, where were they?

2022-12-01T12:40:55+01:00Thu, 1st Dec '22, 12:40|

A third of the time that social assistants in Gozo were supposed to be cleaning the homes of, or running errands for elderly people living alone, they were, officially, working somewhere else. Meanwhile elderly people were told the service they depend on to be able to continue living in the community was not available a [...]

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