There is supposed to be a clear division of labour between the political bosses of a government, and the civil service employees who work for them. The political bosses make policies and drive them forward. The civil service, while ambivalent about those policies, is expected to do its best to put them to work.

Whilst the business of the civil service is implementing policy it needs to be apolitical. That’s the only way we can have a democratic transition of government and reasonable stability and continuity, as policies change without too much shock but those who put them to work retain the experience and the institutional memory of years well beyond the few years that a party has been in government.

When the civil service is indistinguishable from the political officials who run it, it’s because you have a government that presumes no democracy would come in its way and force a change on it.

This advert on the official public service Facebook page is not providing customer information on the work of the civil service. It is promoting government policy, colouring the promises of a bright future with carefully doctored landscape images that would look typical in a campaign brochure of a political party.

This is just not on.