I lost on appeal a libel suit filed against me by Raphael Vassallo who was offended – and a court found he was libelled – by an observation I made that a journalist who gives the false impression that the mafia does not exist would, whether they realised it or not, be helping the mafia, and consequently (though possibly unknowingly) they’d be part of it.

What Raphael Vassallo had written, and what I disagreed with at the time, cannot remotely be compared with the conscious lies and the manifestly false conspiracies, with the accompanying self-evidently evil intent that underly what Simon Mercieca writes on a regular basis.

Today he has plumbed new depths of complicity by association with Yorgen Fenech.  He has, wittingly or not, become accessory after the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia by using or allowing his regurgitations to be used for people to get away with murder.  I can’t prove that Yorgen Fenech compensates him for this, but it sure as damn well looks that way.

In an article he wrote today he has:

  1. Sought to discredit the evidence given by Matthew Caruana Galizia as an eyewitness of the events of the day when his mother was killed.
  2. Claimed, with a dearth of logic that crosses deep into the realm of insanity that Matthew Caruana Galizia knows that the reference to “crooks everywhere” in his mother’s last blog post was a reference to him (her son) and the rest of her family.
  3. Claimed, with the type of wild ranting that would have most people strapped into a special jacket and locked up, that Matthew Caruana Galizia destroyed evidence in his mother’s computer that would have implicated his own family in the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia.
  4. Claimed, in the same vein, that the inquiring Magistrate was aware of this destruction of evidence and covered it up. And for having done so, Simon Mercieca said, the magistrate was promoted to become a judge.
  5. Claimed, flying in the face of the most obvious stupidity inherent in this, that the Caruana Galizia family chose the magistrates and judges involved in the case of Daphne.
  6. And finally, flew the kite that the Caruana Galizia family agreed to cover up the involvement of ministers in Daphne’s murder in exchange for the right to destroy the evidence that they, her son and her family, killed her.

Simon Mercieca, in this article, as often before, clutches his pearls and swoons at the mere suggestion that he’s in Yorgen Fenech’s pocket. Even if he’s not, it follows that all he’s doing is lying, with the effect of helping a stranger get away with murder, and this for free.  If you accept he’s not in Fenech’s pocket, that is.

I don’t follow Simon Mercieca’s blog. He publishes articles about how the covid vaccine is killing people, about how children are being force-fed bugs, about how being gay and being a paedophile are two sides of the same proclivity, and copious other far-right paranoid hate-inflicting truth-crushing mythologies. Reading that shit is not something I need in my life.

But I have always denounced the libel of blaming Daphne’s son for the death of his mother when Laburisti did it. I will denounce it when fascists do it.

Whether the fascists know it or not – and I rather suspect Simon Mercieca knows it (if not, he must be a total moron) – by spreading lies that absolve the crimes of the mafia, they and he render themselves and himself for it and of it.