It’s not just about libel

2023-05-15T16:31:09+02:00Mon, 15th May '23, 16:31|

One TV has called me many things it would consider insulting. It has called me an extremist, a Nationalist, and a campaigner ‘against Malta’. It has reported as a negative that for some time I lived in Zimbabwe. It marks periodically, nearly thirteen years after the fact, the bus reform with which my name was [...]

GUEST POST: Once upon a time there was politics

2023-05-15T10:38:04+02:00Mon, 15th May '23, 10:38|

The problems of this country today are not confined to criminal-scandals perpetuated by the government and by an assortment of citizens now in survival mode. The diagnosis of prevailing maladies identifies a dysfunctional economy that passed its expiry date, a conglomerate of ill prepared and uninspiring politicians, the thorough erosion of all state apparatus; finally, [...]

Extreme dysfunction

2023-05-15T07:39:15+02:00Mon, 15th May '23, 07:39|

Read this article in yesterday’s The Malta Independent by Professor Kevin Aquilina, who teaches and researches law at the university. He’s no big fan of Repubblika. A few days ago, he criticised our decisions about the Pilatus case where we anticipated possible court orders to discuss the evidence we had in hand behind closed doors, [...]

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