You are ridiculous

2023-05-31T18:13:50+02:00Wed, 31st May '23, 18:13|

I can't waste the mental energy to scramble for appropriate invective to appropriately address Malta's Ambassador Plenipotentiary to the Holy See, His Excellency Frank Zammit, in reaction to this Facebook post of his. I am exhausted by all the levels I must count of how this is excruciatingly embarrassing, the diplomatic, the religious, the cultural, [...]

Earned mistrust

2023-05-31T07:11:11+02:00Wed, 31st May '23, 07:11|

I’m more interested in the reaction to yesterday’s incident on the Planning Authority website than in the incident itself. I’ll sum up the incident first, however, in case I need to bring you up to speed. The government offered €4 million to owners of town centre residencies that need repair work. The scheme lets you [...]

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