Licence to harass

2023-05-16T09:01:01+02:00Tue, 16th May '23, 09:01|

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the acquittal of an alleged rapist who was accused of having forced himself on his colleague inside a police station. In that case the accused admitted he had raped the victim when interrogated by the police but the judge ruled the evidence inadmissible because when he was served [...]


2023-05-16T08:33:21+02:00Tue, 16th May '23, 08:33|

We’ve been waiting for the final NAO report on the hospitals swindle. We’ve been waiting since at least 2019 when we filed and fought in court to start an inquiry into the crimes we were alleging happened in the hospitals concession. We filed in court because the police and the AG ignored the evidence, particularly [...]

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