2023-04-28T07:36:41+02:00Fri, 28th Apr '23, 07:36|

The European Commissioner responsible for justice, Didier Reynders, is in Malta for a couple of days. He’s mostly seeing ministers who are, judging by reports of the parts of his meetings that were held in public, telling him how Malta ‘learnt its lessons’ about good governance and now everything is working fine. He’s holding a [...]

Not just lawyers

2023-04-28T07:33:16+02:00Fri, 28th Apr '23, 07:33|

The State Advocate Chris Soler complained to the Chamber of Advocates of having been humiliated by public statements uttered by Repubblika’s President Robert Aquilina. Aquilina was writing about his expectations of the behaviour of the state attorney and his client, attorney general Victoria Buttigieg, when the court was yesterday due to hear Repubblika’s arguments why [...]

Behind closed doors

2023-04-26T11:40:48+02:00Wed, 26th Apr '23, 08:17|

Angelo Gafà denies covering up pre-emptive pardons to Pilatus Bank officials identified for prosecution by a magistrate. That’s despite the explicit evidence to the contrary published in Robert Aquilina’s new book. In internal email exchanges police officials debate what reasons they need to conjure to justify their decision to let the suspects walk. The only [...]

Stop arresting people for saying ‘justice’

2023-04-26T10:01:43+02:00Tue, 25th Apr '23, 10:00|

A man yesterday unfurled a banner at a safe distance from Parliament that asked for ‘Justice for Jean Paul Sofia’. He was held by the police and taken away for interrogation. He was later allowed to leave. The facts are those. He was not beaten by the cops. His body wasn’t thrown off a plane [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: State of the nation

2023-04-23T08:03:44+02:00Sun, 23rd Apr '23, 08:03|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "They’re not worried. They’re serene. Just like Rosianne Cutajar. While they raped the national airline to exhaustion, they gave up half of our national health service to outside control. An American conglomerate is now using its patients as human shields, hostages, while it negotiates the most favourable [...]

Counterfactual Sant

2023-04-23T07:54:13+02:00Sun, 23rd Apr '23, 07:54|

Many voters today never knew a time when Maltese politics was enriched by the front-line participation of Alfred Sant. And the rest forget to be grateful that they no longer remember. His allegedly last hurrah yesterday on Andrew Azzopardi’s radio show was as pleasant as a premature exhumation. I’ll go through some of the more [...]

It’s not slow. It’s broken.

2023-04-21T10:41:22+02:00Fri, 21st Apr '23, 10:41|

Look at that headline. The medical equivalent would be “Cigarettes add 5 years to your life expectancy, says health minister”. It’s not like we haven’t had an independent inquiry before. The Daphne Caruana Galizia inquiry went well beyond criminal responsibility. Indeed, it stayed out of criminal responsibility because criminal responsibility is the competence of the [...]

Pots and kettles

2023-04-21T08:55:22+02:00Fri, 21st Apr '23, 08:55|

The Russian Embassy in Malta issued a statement expressing outrage at TVM for giving a Nazi a platform to justify and glorify Adolf Hitler. No doubt I share the sentiment. “The interview mentioned is an example of the dissemination of pseudo-historical theories,” says the Russian Embassy statement. “The very fact of its appearance desecrates and [...]

UPDATED: Malta gaming company suspected of organised crime: arrests in Germany

2023-04-21T10:39:02+02:00Thu, 20th Apr '23, 15:58|

Updated 21 April 2023, 10:37, with comments by Director of Tipster. Cologne police this morning raided the offices of Malta registered and licensed gaming company Tipster. The Cologne building was stormed as part of a number of raids in several German offices. German media reports almost 1,000 officers were involved in searches in locations through Bremen, [...]

GUEST Post: Stretching Populism to Extremes

2023-04-20T10:58:56+02:00Thu, 20th Apr '23, 10:58|

The maladies of our country originate from its same citizens. Understanding politics For long centuries, Maltese citizens have been looking through a glass darkly, only to at long last be led to realise that this present government is nothing but a reflection of themselves. In a democracy, the government cannot be judged guilty for administering [...]

People should be running from the chief prosecutor. Instead, the chief prosecutor runs from people.

2023-04-19T15:55:39+02:00Wed, 19th Apr '23, 15:55|

Isn’t the sight of Victoria Buttigieg hiding behind hired hands and making a run for it when journalists wanted to ask her questions she had every reason to expect, the most representative picture of how utterly mediocre the government of this country is? Truly it must be asked, is there no one better than this? [...]

He forgets. We remember.

2023-04-19T11:10:15+02:00Wed, 19th Apr '23, 11:10|

Unlike Keith Schembri I wasn’t born a businessman. I never lived like one. And I’m not going to die like one. I respect the fact that he has talents I don’t. So do Roger Federer, Stephen Fry, and Rocco Siffredi. And yet with all of them I share basic human faculties. If they’re tickled, they laugh. [...]

Wanted: a human for a prime minister

2023-04-17T19:43:09+02:00Mon, 17th Apr '23, 19:43|

Picture: Times of Malta This is Jean Paul Sofia's mother speaking to the prime minister. Just look at him. I received this comment from a reader. He's so right: The way the PM spoke to Jean Paul Sofia's mother encapsulates all that is wrong with our politicians, our government, embodied in our PM: [...]

Culture wars

2023-04-17T14:40:59+02:00Mon, 17th Apr '23, 08:19|

Robert Abela mocked bloggers and book authors as unproductive timewasters, useless amateurs, and compared their futility with the importance of his work, creating jobs for the country. Not everyone can be prime minister. There’s only one at a time. If he is creating jobs – that’s a big if – then he’s doing what he’s [...]

Now you know

2023-04-15T10:47:36+02:00Sat, 15th Apr '23, 10:46|

MidSea Books published this morning Robert Aquilina's new book “Pilatus: A Laundromat Bank in Europe”. The book is an intimidating 734 pages, but it won’t be necessary for you to read it all because as of its 265th page the book places you in possession of evidence that should form the basis of the prosecution [...]

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