The laws they forget exist

2023-09-04T14:51:40+02:00Mon, 4th Sep '23, 14:51|

Robert Abela’s Sunday sermon yesterday will have gone down like all other Sunday sermons. It tickled people’s confirmation bias, realigning people to the convictions they were born to. Perhaps a handful might have been curious to see if Robert Abela would react to Times of Malta’s story that morning. They should have known better than [...]

Watch the book play out

2023-09-04T10:22:31+02:00Mon, 4th Sep '23, 10:22|

Times of Malta broke the story. That’s how it almost always starts. The police spoke to the Labour MP who was at the centre of the scheme of forgeries and benefit fraud to consolidate the partisan support of likely voters of the Labour Party who have fallen on hard times. The police arrested the MP [...]

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