At your service

2023-09-28T08:41:18+02:00Thu, 28th Sep '23, 08:41|

Eddie Fenech Adami often repeated the phrase that ‘politics is a service’. He meant it in the Christian sense that politicians should remember that the power they are given is not for their reward but for the benefit of others. The more powerful you are, the more you need to remember that your function is [...]

Pro Memoria

2023-09-28T08:20:31+02:00Thu, 28th Sep '23, 08:20|

You’d have missed this comment because it was uploaded yesterday under this blog post from April 2021. In that post I wrote about how slow the Maltese judicial process can be. Lassan Cisse was killed for sport in April 2019. Two soldiers were charged with his murder and were released on bail while waiting trial. [...]

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